Transform your calling into a fulfilling business aligned with your soul’s purpose.



And I know you want to contribute your gifts to the world & receive greatly for it. But you feel SO FREAKIN’ LOST.

I designed this workbook to help you discover & declare your path so you can actualize your full potential.

Inside you’ll find 10 powerful exercises to ignite the discovery process plus tips to accelerate your growth.

And the best part? It’s all yours for free!



Hey there! My name is Sheila. I believe we were all put on Earth for a reason: to live our highest joy and contribute our gifts to the world.

My calling is to coach & guide growth-seeking creatives who want to answer their life calling and transform it into a fulfilling, soul-aligned business.

I believe that a successful business takes more than just the right strategies. It takes doing the inner work too.

That's why when you’re in my corner you'll find the best tools, tips, resources, and pep talks to live your most meaningful life PLUS all the strategies to grow the business of your dreams.


 Choose Your Journey


Let’s Make Some Magic Together


Awakening Intensive

3-hour deep dive to open the portal to your new purpose-driven life. Together we’ll audit your life + biz so you can release what's no longer serving you by realigning your business with what you actually want and not just what you think you need. Then we’ll create an aligned action plan so you know exactly what steps to take to put everything we worked through in action.


One-on-One Private Coaching

6-month high-level coaching relationship that’s perfect for the woman who is ready to receive ongoing and flexible support in her transformation to becoming her next level self in her life + biz.


 Client Love


Ready to step into your purpose & power?

I love serving women who are committed to their transformation and are ready to make it happen.

If this is you, I look forward to helping you step into your purpose & power to become the badass business owner you know you are!